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How to deal with car sheet metal parts more appropriate?

In the production process of automobile sheet metal parts, there are certain requirements for stamping technology and stamping dies. In high-speed stamping equipment and multi-functional stamping dies, only “high-speed” and “multi-functionality” cannot meet the production requirements. Only the continuous conveying of sheets to stamping machine tools and stamping dies is realized, and the stamped sheet metal workpiece can be The theoretical economic benefit can only be guaranteed when it is taken out of the stamping die and transported to the next stamping station in a very short time. Therefore, the correct stamping process should be: carefully analyze and study the stamping process of the entire sheet metal part, to ensure that the entire process from the time the sheet is loaded to the completion of the fabrication of the sheet metal part has the expected shortest production cycle, so as to achieve best efficiency.

1. Clear fabrication

The rust, dirt and oxide scale on the outer surface of the steel plate and copper plate will affect the plate, and there may be cracks, pores and so on. So we need to clean the shape before connecting. Generally speaking, we can use pickling method and mechanical method to deal with it.

2. Softening treatment

In fact, he wants to eliminate the residual stress during work hardening and production to restore its original plasticity, so we need to carry out softening treatment. Generally speaking, according to the requirements of softening, we can divide it into isothermal annealing and complete annealing. , stress annealing and recrystallization annealing, etc.

  • 1. The expansion method of automobile sheet metal parts should be suitable, and it should be convenient to save materials and processability;
  • 2. For automotive sheet metal parts, the gap and hemming method should be reasonably selected. The gap below T=2.0 is 0.2, and the gap between T=2-3 is 0.5. The hemming method adopts long sides to wrap short sides (door panels);
  • 3. Auto sheet metal parts should reasonably consider tolerance dimensions: the negative difference goes to the end, the positive difference goes halfway; the hole size: the positive difference goes to the end, and the negative difference goes halfway;
  • 4. Burr direction;
  • 5. Check the material, plate thickness, and plate thickness tolerance;
  • 6. Drawing teeth, riveting, tearing, punching bumps (packs), and other positions and directions, draw a cross-sectional view;
  • 7. Error-prone (similar asymmetry) places should be highlighted;
  • 8. For special angles, the inner radius of the bending angle (generally R=0.5) depends on the trial folding;
  • 9. Enlarged pictures should be added to places with larger sizes;
  • 10. The place to be protected by spraying shall be indicated.
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