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How to control the quality of automobile stamping parts?

1. Control of the production process of stamping parts

1. Determine the process plan

When determining the process plan of stamping parts, the nature of the stamping process can be determined through the part drawing. Reasonable arrangements can improve production efficiency and product forming time.

2. Improve the mold installation process

The correct mold can prolong the service life of the mold. If the mold design is not perfect, the subsequent fabrication of the stamping parts will not be realized, resulting in quality problems of the stamping parts.

3. Clarify the stamping direction

When determining the stamping direction, one is to ensure that the punch can enter the concave die, and the other is to consider whether the feeding resistance of each part of the pressing surface is uniform and reliable. The reasonable shape of the binder surface and the blank binder force make the resistance of each part of the binder surface even and moderate, reduce the drawing depth, open process holes and process incisions, etc. The surface quality of the stamping parts is generally not damaged during stamping, and the stamping has good interchangeability and has the characteristics of “exactly the same”.

2. Control of the fabrication technology of automobile stamping parts

1. Drawing process

The first step in the stamping process is the stretching process, and the quality of the stretching process lays a good foundation for trimming and flanging. The binder has a certain drawing effect on the drawn blank, but if the number of wrinkles generated in the drawing process is small, it may be eliminated by the drawing effect, so it is difficult to make a more accurate judgment on the formed wrinkles.

2. Wrinkle control

The main reasons for the drawing process of the drawing parts are as follows: the sheet metal flows too fast during the feeding process of the stamping parts, forming wrinkles; Wrinkling is formed quickly; the mold positioning design is unreasonable, which leads to the inability to press the material during the drawing process of the stamping part or the pressing edge is too small, resulting in wrinkling; the gap between the convex and concave dies is too large to cause wrinkling.

3. Process management

Sometimes it is scrapped due to surface defects of the blank. Use the plate type corresponding to the process to avoid stress deformation caused by the performance of the plate. Surface flaw detection is also required after forming. For curved tensile parts with complex shapes, the radial tensile stress should be increased to control wrinkling; The high-end special stamping oil can effectively avoid cracking, burr and other problems of stamping parts through the release of extreme pressure agent during the stamping process, and can greatly improve the surface finish of the workpiece and the production and fabrication efficiency.

3. Stamping quality control

The quality control of stamping forming is to make real-time adjustments through the prediction and monitoring process of statistical control methods, thereby improving production efficiency and production benefits.

1. Arrangement diagram method

The purpose of drawing an arrangement diagram is to visually represent it in a graphical way, so that the manufacturer can clearly identify where to start to improve product quality.

2. Control chart method

The control chart is based on the application of statistical technology to realize process control. It is mainly to trace points in time for each process in the dynamic production process according to certain rules to obtain control charts, and take measures to reduce costs.

4, increase the detection technology

The inspection of stamping parts is an important means to avoid batch problems of stamping parts. The second is the matching size detection. The measurement content must be analyzed in combination with the specific part situation. Correct adjustment will achieve good results. The next step is to improve the quality of testing personnel, to avoid rushing for success, and mass production can only be done after all the inspections are qualified.

In a word, in order to control the quality of automobile stamping parts, it is necessary to comprehensively manage various factors that affect its quality. Different manufacturing and production methods lead to different management methods and means. Through the production of these four steps, a qualified automotive stamping part is born.

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