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  • Sheet Metal Material: Stainless Steel 316
  • Sheet Thickness: 1-3 (mm)
  • Fabrication Size/Length*Width*Height: Custom
  • Molded Parts: Plate
  • Blanking Method: Custom
  • Tolerance: 0.1mm
  • Surface Treatment: paint
  • Surface Roughness: 0.1
  • Annual Remaining Fabrication Capacity: 1,000,000
  • Proofing Cycle: 4-7 days
  • Rapid Prototyping Cycle: 4-7 days
  • CE & ISO&ITAF:Pass
  • Quality Control:CMM And More
  • Drawing format:3D/CAD/DWG//STEP/PDF/etc.,

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Stainless Steel Blower Volute

Precision sheet metal fabrication services of Stainless Steel Blower Volute. Capabilities include machining or EDM, welding, press, flow or hydro forming, laser cutting, milling, turning, drilling and stamping. Other services such as finishing, engineering and research or development are also available. Prototype to large scale production volume offered. Serves the food, aerospace, filtering, pharmaceutical, medical, micro-electronics, military and pulp or paper industries.

The performance and efficiency of the fan are mainly determined by the impeller, but the shape and size of the volute and the shape of the suction port will also affect it.

The function of the volute is to collect the gas thrown from the impeller, so that it flows to the exhaust port, and in the process of this flow, the gas is

Part of the dynamic pressure energy obtained from the impeller is converted into static pressure energy to form a certain wind pressure.

The shape of the volute: Archimedes spiral.

Outlet diffuser of the volute: Because the airflow is deflected in the direction of rotation of the impeller when it flows out of the volute, the diffuser is generally made to expand to the side of the impeller, and its diffusion angle θ is usually 6°~8°. There is a tongue-like structure at the exit, generally called the cochlea. The volute prevents the gas from circulating in the casing. The composition of the snail tongue;

  1. Sharp tongue; used for high-efficiency fans, the noise of the fans is generally relatively large.
  2. Deep tongue; mostly used for low-speed fans.
  3. Short tongue; mostly used for high-speed fans.
  4. Flat tongue; used for low-efficiency fans, with low fan noise.

The gap s between the top of the volute tongue and the outer diameter of the impeller has a great influence on the noise. When the gap s is small, the noise is large; when the gap s is large, the noise is reduced. Generally take s=(0.05~0.10)D2.

The arc r at the top of the volute tongue has no obvious effect on the aerodynamic performance of the fan, but has a greater impact on the noise.

If the arc radius r is small, the noise will increase, generally take r=(0.03~0.06)D2.

Fan outlet: The rotation direction of “left” or “right” is specified, and each has 8 different basic outlet positions.

We guarantee safe, high quality, efficient and applicable sheet metal fabrication services for fan casings. In recent years, in the fierce market competition, we have deepened internal reforms, continuously introduced excellent talents, and worked together with scientific research and design units to develop new products to better meet the needs of customers. Optimize product structure and help customers make a large number of efficient, Energy-saving and low-noise fan products stand out. Reliable quality, high-quality service, won the praise of the majority of users. The products sell well all over the country, and some products are matched to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States.

The Advantages Of Pintejin Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

Sheet metal fabrication services for mild steel, high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel, cold/hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Various capabilities include contract manufacturing, edge rolling, forming, roll bending and welding. Finishing and secondary services such as hardware installation, tapping, deburring, cleaning, heat treating, plating, anodizing and painting available. Prototype and low to high volume production runs offered.

Sheet Metal Prototype
Large-Scale Structural Prototype
Large-Scale Structural Prototype Parts Samples Multiple large-scale machines can make large-scale structural parts prototype samples, and the accuracy can reach 0.2mm.
ISO&Quality Assurance System
Pintejin quality assurance service accomplish this by monitoring our performance against our established objectives, identifying areas where we can improve our QMS and its processes, and through management commitment and employee training.
Pintejin quality assurance service accomplish this by monitoring our performance against our established objectives, identifying areas where we can improve our QMS and its processes, and through management commitment and employee training.

Points Sheet Metal Customers Should Know When Designing Drawings

Design Considerations for Sheet Metal Fabrication:

  • Wall Thickness: Uniform thickness is very important for any geometry. Geometries with more than one wall thickness will require sheet metals of different thicknesses. Therefore, the alignment and orientation of parts may be inaccurate or take time.
  • Bend Radii: It is important to keep the inside bend radius of sheet metal at least equal to its thickness. This will help to avoid distortions and fractions in the final parts. Maintaining the bend radii consistently across the part ensures cost-effectiveness and good orientation.
  • Bend Allowance and Deduction: Bend allowance is the material needed to be added to the actual lengths of the parts to help develop a flat pattern. Bend deduction is the material needed to be removed from the length of flanges to help get a flat pattern.
  • K Factor: K factor is the sheet metal process is the ratio of neutral axis to material thickness. This value changes with respect to the various physical properties and thickness of materials used.
  • Holes and Slots Orientation: These factors are also very important. Holes and slots diameter should at least be as large as the thickness of the sheet metal. Also, holes should be reasonably spaced. They should never be too close to the edge of the material.

Currently, our non-standard sheet metal fabrication parts are exported to America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sout Africa, and many other countries all over the world. We are ISO9001-2015 registered and also certified by SGS.


With Pintejin automated and highly streamlined sheet metal fabrication service, you can expect a sheet metal fabrication quote within 12 hours and lead times as quickly as three days.Our rapid prototyping offering also includes a solid and reliable manufacturing capability (led by our expert team with 15+ years of experience) and technical and quality assurance, including SGS and RoHS material certifications, in-process quality reports, and First Article Inspection.



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